Because a little gravestone maintenance every now and again can go a long way

Professional grave restoration

When you need gravestone maintenance and restoration services, it’s worth finding a team that is caring as well as experienced. Mid Kent Memorials have over 40 years of experience providing careful and thorough grave restoration and repairs in Sittingbourne and Maidstone. Our compassionate team will complete grave restorations according to your wishes while ensuring they are in-line with church and cemetery regulations. No matter how bad the damage, our master stonemasons and letter carvers can restore your loved one’s memorial without compromising it’s integrity or design.

Carefully cleaning stone back to new

Our expert team of gravestone maintenance and restoration experts begin by carrying out a detailed assessment of your loved one’s memorial. From there we discuss the most efficient and appropriate way to restore your loved ones memorial with you and get to work once you’re happy.

Sittingbourne and Maidstone's experts in grave re-lettering

It’s important to be able to read the inscriptions and engraving on your loved one’s memorial. With constant exposure to the environment and changing weather patterns, the letters on a gravestone or memorial can easily fade or be worn away over the years. Fortunately, our team of grave restoration experts can bring gravestones back to their former glory. At Mid Kent Memorials, all our letter carvers are nationally recognised experts and have the skills and experience to re-letter even the most aged and delicate memorial or plaque. We’re proud to be members of the following organisations, allowing you to rest easy knowing you’re working with experts:

• Accredited Memorial Masons
• National Association of Master Letter Carvers

Gravestone maintenance, refurbishments and reinstatements

If your loved one’s gravestone has been overturned or become unstable, the Mid Kent Memorial team can easily assess the area and repair the damaged tribute along with its foundations. If repair isn’t possible, we can reconstruct the memorial adhering to its original design or we can work with you to create a new bespoke memorial to commemorate your loved one.

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